An icon of Gypsy flamenco dance, CONCHA VARGAS has it all: flamenco essence, temperament, charismarhythmic creativity, expressivity, skill and absolute confidence on stage. There is not an ounce of artifice in her dancing.  Her dance is a legacy pass
ed down through the generations that she revitalizes and reinvents in every performance. Rooted in improvisation and emotion, her baile expresses her cultural identity and is absolutely authentic, making each one of her performances an unforgettable experience for all audiences. video

Concha Vargas represents two of the most important families in flamenco history: los Pinini y los Peña. The daughter of Quintín Vargas, she was a student of the great Pepe Ríos who presented her for the first time on stage when she was 11 years old at the Gypsy flamenco festival, El Gazpacho de Morón, where she shared the stage with some of the greatest artists of the day: Fernanda de Utrera, Diego del Gastor and Antonio Mairena. In her teens, she worked for several years at a flamenco nightclub in Seville, La Cochera, alongside Manuela Carrasco. Then in 1974 she began working at the famous Zambra flamenco club in Madrid, partnering on stage with dancer El Güito. She gained national recognition with her role in the Gypsy flamenco opera ‘Camelamos Naquerar’ directed by the great Mario Maya. Later she joined guitarist Pedro Bacán's legendary group, El Clan de los Pinini. She has performed in all the major festivals in Spain, including several appearances at Seville's prestigious Bienal del Arte Flamenco. In recent years she has appeared as guest artist with the companies of both Antonio "El Pipa" and Andrés Marín. She has also performed for Indira Gandhi and pope Juan Pablo II.  She is an amazing teacher who sparks passion in students around the world giving them the key to self-expression through flamenco dance.

Concha will be joined on stage by a group of musician/dancers Direct from Spain.

Performances:   Saturday, September 21, 8pm La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley       BUY TICKETS

                          Sunday, September 22, 8pm Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz         BUY TICKETS

Workshops:        September 18-20 and 23-26 in Soquel, CA

                          Saturday, September 21, 3:30pm Ashkenaz, Berkeley  REGISTER NOW

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