A Special Event: Slideshow and Roundtable Discussion


Thursday, Sept. 26th 7:00pm, La Peña Cultural Center, Berkeley Tickets

Vintage images from the acclaimed collection edited by guitarist/photographer Steve Kahn will spark discussion among a group of artists and flamenco aficionados who lived in Spain in the 1960s & 70s. Panelists include Steve Kahn, David Serva, Paul Shalmy, Jill Bacán,  Mica Graña and Kenny Parker


Steve Kahn is an internationally known commercial and fine art photographer whose work has been exhibited, published and collected in both Europe and America. Already a student of classical and flamenco guitar in 1967, he traveled from New York to Morón de la Frontera, on leave-of-absence from a doctoral program in physics, in search of Diego del Gastor and the art of pueblo Flamenco. His 3-month break grew into a 2-year adventure that changed the course of his life. He lived amongst the flamenco artists, absorbing what he could of Diego's musical genius and made a few photographs before his camera was lost. Upon return to the states, he dropped out of academia to pursue a career as a freelance photographer.

Thirty-five years later he is still shooting pictures and still playing the guitar. Recently he started to wonder, "What happened to all those other photographs of Flamencos by foreigners that I have seen over the years? Are they lost, destroyed, forgotten and rotting in dark closets somewhere? Where are they now?" He set out on a quest to find those images, and over the past seven years has recovered over one hundred images, collected numerous anecdotes and digitized many wonderful fiesta recordings. Steve has brought both his music experience and photographic skills to make this collection into a superb body of work. He has digitized the original negatives, restored the images and made museum quality, archival prints for exhibition and preservation.                     Flamenco Project Website